The Back Story

For almost 40 years, WDG Communications has been helping clients share their back stories. Here's ours...


"The year that truly changed the world." – Newsweek

McDonald’s introduces the Happy Meal, the Sony Walkman debuts, ESPN launches, Michael Jackson bursts onto the charts with "Off the Wall," Voyager sends back photos of Saturn’s rings, and the United States is in the midst of an energy crisis. The same year, Duane Wood opened a graphic design office, Wood Design Group.

From its first days as a one-man operation in a Cedar Falls basement, to today’s current crew based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, WDG Communications has transformed numerous brands. Always dedicated to creating memorable, concept-based advertising, branding and marketing communications, WDG accelerated quickly thanks to the confidence of loyal clients such as Rath Packing Company, Ertl Toys, Control-o-fax and The Rouse Company.

Clients telling our Story

Our Process

While we take the same steps to achieve a goal, the path is never the same. Each client’s path creates the ideas that trigger the solution. Concept drives us forward toward your marketing goals.



We take time to understand your business and its services and products. We learn all we can about your market and competitors. We determine with you what results are anticipated.


We develop with you the game plan and schedule. We establish the benchmarks and the concept to make the project memorable.


We commit all the necessary resources. The varsity team — writer, designer, photographer, developer, illustrator, printer — all coordinated to be on schedule and delivered on time and on budget.

Our portfolio of work is merely a tool that allows us to talk about our capabilities and discuss how our skills can fit your needs. By showcasing our work we are also highlighting our clients' results and benefits.


This is our experience — now, let’s talk about yours.


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