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Foil Imaging: A New Art Form

Foil Imaging
a New Art Form

A stunning new art book and functional teaching text from artist Virginia A. Myers.


$89.95 plus S&H


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The Iowa Floods of 2008: One Week in June  

One Week in June...
The Iowa Floods of 2008
By Jeff Stein


From Monday, June 9 through Father’s Day, June 15, 2008, the Cedar River swelled and rolled south. At the same time, to the west, the Iowa River was also growing. The two rivers join, in a confluence, just northeast of Columbus Junction and flow on to the Mississippi River. We knew after the winter snows that the potential was there for flooding. No one, however, could anticipate or adequately prepare for what happened.

Hard-cover bound, 10´´ x 9´´, 144 pages,
over 200 color images.
PSRP $44.95
ISBN 9780979377983
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