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Sharing the Spirit The History of Westminster Presbyterian Church

the history of the church
and highlights of its
changing architecture.


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Making Waves  

Making Waves…
The People and Places of Iowa Broadcasting.


It began in 1922 when Col. Bartlett Joshua Palmer purchased a fledgling radio station across the river in Rock Island, Illinois and brought it to Davenport. Commercial broadcasting was born in the state of Iowa. Iowans were already building crystal set receivers in their basements and now the signals they were receiving were actually coming from Iowa. This book chronicles the tremendous impact the medium has had on our lives with Dr. Jeff Stein’s story, archival photography and a CD Rom of actual audio and video segments of the past.

Case bound, 10" x 9", 192 pages,
over 150 black and white images
and interactive CD ROM
of historical audio,video
and still photography
PSRP $49.95
ISBN 0-9718323-1-5



Watch a video clip from
the accompanying CD-ROM

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