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This Way Up
An Insider's Guide
to the Climb of Your Life

Clark McLeod built two telecommunications empires of five philosophical tenets, Growth, Relationships, Integrity, and Passion.






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100 Years & Counting:
EMC Insurance Companies

Reliving history and celebrating their heritage, EMC Insurance commemorates a century of serving business and personal insurance needs.

July 1, 1914, found twenty-year-old George Mundy, Jr. making rounds on a horse-drawn ice wagon to supply customers’ iceboxes for Consumers Ice Company in Des Moines, Iowa. Suddenly, at Ninth and School Streets, a block of ice slipped from his tongs and crashed onto his foot. Two hours later, when he returned the wagon to the plant, the pain sent him to the doctor. The fledgling Employers Mutual Casualty Association of Iowa picked up the tab.

That was the first Workmen’s Compensation claim—called “medical only”— of Employers Mutual Casualty Association of Iowa (EMCA).

Employers Mutual Casualty Association was formed in 1911 to provide worker’s compensation insurance for its members. Today EMC Insurance has assets of over $3 billion and employs more than 2,100 employees in 16 locations across the country.

Perfect- and case-bound versions
9.75 x 12 inches
344 pages
over 350 color images and illustrations


ISBN 978-0-9826138-2-5

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